Sunday, July 4, 2010

Calming the Teenage Boy

I am now the proud Mum of 2 teenage boys, my youngest has just turned 13 years old. They are great lads, but like any teenage boys they have their moments of utter full on energy (hormones), that needs some guidance before it really becomes an in your face situation.
I have managed to calm the beast within my boys. Yes. they still wrestle each other around and can be extremely loud, but it is always done in good fun and rarely turns explosive.

THE ANSWER IS SPORT (a predictable yet perfect cure)
Over the years we have engaged our boys in many physical activities such as:
Soccer - Indoor and Outdoor
Athletics - Distance running
Kick boxing
Ju Jitsu
Weight training

We have always been careful not to over do it, or burn them out. I am quite adamant that there is still time for school work and a social life for each. They have tried many activities, but only become passionate about a few. And still have a few on their list that they would like to try.

Every activity has been undertaken as a school sport or an after school activity, weekends included. Yes we are very busy parents that love supporting them in every challenge they set themselves, and they love having us there. It has really helped to continue communication, as your son moves into that one syllable answer stage. It also teaches them about good health and the importance of fitness, team spirit and gives them a competitive edge which helps them to do better at school. It allows them choice.

For my eldest sons 15th birthday last year, he requested a hanging punching bag. We bought him a very good quality one that was very heavy and would not swing around easily. It hangs under the back balcony.
This has been our best investment!
He also bought with his own money, earn't by being a soccer referee, a set of dumb bells and weights.
An excellent investment on his part!
Every day without fail he pumps his iron and kicks and punches his bag. Friends come over and instead of vegetating in front of the television or xbox they burn off calories, hormones and energy. Increasing the good flow of endorphins to the brain. This produces quiet satisfied teenagers, too tired to argue and with a desire to be fed, they will adhere to your  every request.

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