Saturday, March 26, 2011

Renovations Part 5 - Almost there

Well we are at what they call lock up stage with doors and windows in place. We chose the bi-fold doors, which work well as you can open them right up, but am wondering wether full glass sliding doors would of been better to capture our view over the pool and onto the green.

Below is our Kitchen - The range hood has just been put in and is being held up with supports, and of course still has the protective coating on it. See that rather large tap. We purchased the tap and sink ourselves and what a nightmare it has been. Always check your products, infact double check it. The problem we are having is that the tap, even though installed correctly, wobbles quite a bit. Of course if we leave it, it will become one of the annoying little things that end up driving you crazy, so we are working on a solution.

 This is the Lounge area looking into the bathroom and bedroom. So far so good, except we did remove the ceiling fan at the other end as we plan on having a pool table and with such a low lying ceiling there is danger of a cue stick hitting it. We kept the one in the kitchen area and also removed the one from the bedroom for safety reasons. Unfortunately these were in our contract and were put up before we had the chance to make a decision about wether we still wanted them or not.

Here are the Bedroom Built ins and the extra cupboard at the entrance. That cupboard is actually the under the stairs on the 2nd level up to the top level. Its a great space for big tall items. As they say you can never have enough storage.

Here is out little bathroom. We managed to squeeze everything in..just. At first I was not too happy with the final layout. We had to make the bathroom narrower because of an internal structural wall that they could not move. So instead of the wall mounted sink going on the back wall beside the toilet, we had to bring it close to the entrance on the left wall, the shower is on the right.
 You can see how close the wall mounted cabinet is to the door, but there still is enough room for you to walk in without doing a sideways shuffle.

 Here is more storage space near the kitchen. We are going to put pool towels etc in there, and have even a shelf with a power point for a microwave oven.

 This is the great view over the swimming pool and green. We have the spa tiled and the edge tiled, now just for the crete.

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