Saturday, January 16, 2010

I had some Botox and I think I liked it.

The other day a dear friend of mine asked me to accompany her to have her shots of botox.
I have seen the procedure on tv, but never in real life. So with a plan that afterwards we would head into town for lunch and view the Gucci sale I agreed.
She was getting her forehead, eyes, and lips done, so we arrived early for her to have numbing cream applied to these areas.
We entered his room where I met the Dr, he was extremely friendly and away he went injecting my friend, whilst chatting away to us.
The lip injections looked like a painful process, one I would not have done, but it made her lips look amazing and very natural.
He then turned to me held my face and gave me one of those "what can I do to you" looks.
My friend, immediately chimed in that I should have botox too and was so insistent. The Dr was so charming, easing my fears, that I agreed to a small amount being injected at the end of my eyebrows, to give a lift. A painless process at the time with a bit of a sting and itch over the next few days.
Have I noticed a difference. Yes, all be it subtle, it has encouraged me to return and have my scowl removed. Have a look at the before and after pics....what do you think? do you see a slight lift?


  1. My, you're a game one Vicki - I'm not letting that stuff near me. I'll just have to grow old ... disgracefully!?

  2. I felt the same way, I swore I would never have something like Botulism injected into my face, but because it was such a tiny amount, and I was feeling particularly game that day, I gave it a shot. Have not had any since and still tossing whether I will go ahead and do the furrowed brow.

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