Sunday, January 17, 2010

Menopause or just a Pause?

With age my body has changed, so much so, I have not had a period in 4 months! and before that it was 5 months,
I went to the Doctor for some advice, and she gave me a bloodtest...seems Im border line and about to pause..
What ???? Im only 40 and a bit, how can I be pausing when I feel like Im just starting to become the adult my parents always wanted me to be.

So I look up my symptoms...I mean Hey! what does blood know anyway.
Hot flushes....check
Lack of energy....check
No desire for sex....check
Itchy crawly skin...check
unexplained rash...check
Have to pee more then usual....check
No period....Double check

So after checking everything, I am now faced with the idea of being eggless (not that I wanted more kids), but I never thought I would miss my period as much as I do. Ill be going back to the doctors again to find out what to do next. Im not sure if I want to start taking anything, and really I dont know much about menopause so I better get some research done........though Im still hoping its just a pause.......

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  1. I was searching about what is menopause. but after reading this i understand the symptoms and effect it on the women life. it is a dangerous pause.