Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shopping Centre harrasment

Why do I feel like I am walking along Kuta beach or negotiating the platform at an indian train station,when the reality is, I am in my local shopping centre in the suburbs of Sydney.

To have retail shoved in our faces from every angle of our daily lives is escapable, we switch off, dont listen or dont read the advertisement.
But not so at the local shops, where I have found the main offenders are the centre stalls at the major shopping outlets.

They contain sales persons with a come and grab you attitude.
What really urks me is the way that they continue to harass you even when you have politely declined their offer. Some even become down right abusive.

If I am interested in a product/service I will come into your store or approach your stall, but please do not demand that I do. My reaction of course will be that you have lost my custom.

1 comment:

  1. Geez, makes me glad I only have cows to annoy me on a daily basis! I'm sure I'd flatten someone, or at least become abusive if I was treated like that repeatedly!!