Friday, May 21, 2010

Inked Australia/NZ Magazine launch

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Inked Australia/NZ Magazine fashion launch, Having a business closely related to the Tattoo Pop culture I was very keen to go. What a great party.....
I arrived at the venue and immediately felt out of place, Im what you call a clean skin (no tattoos) though I do have piercings.
My bestie and I sat down and proceeded to take in the array of some of the coolest most interesting people I have ever seen.
After a couple of tequila's mixed with the energy drink Wicked I was relaxing into the environment.These people were just like you or me, yes their style was different but they had regular jobs and were really easy to talk to.
I chatted and networked with the crowd and was blown away by the incredible body art. I loved seeing the ladies in their true Rockabilly style. Gorgeous pale skin, black hair, red red lips, killer heels and the cutest of outfits. To me this is an interesting mix with the 50's look and then full sleeve tattoos, and facial piercings which complimented the style.
Some of the guys were fully tattooed and I saw a few fork tongues as well as horns implanted in the forehead and eyes that literally glowed in the dark.
Sarah Mcleod from Super Jesus was there and she even autographed a copy of the magazine for me, what a cool rock chick and so gorgeous in person.

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