Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Renovations Part 2

Part 2 of my renovation story has been met with difficulty. Both in the telling of the story and the renovation.
There has been loads of unbearable noise and alot of extra events that had to take place.

With the removal of the piers and parts of structural walls, even though they replaced these vital supports with steel beams they needed to undertake extra work.
Because our house is built on a very sandy soil, there was fear of the house moving. So a procedure called under pinning commenced. This required them to dig below the foundations of the house in certain points, then cement and brick extra support.

Looking into the Cabana
The dirt and bricks in our back yard
The Bedroom floor had to be jack hammered in parts
The Cabana taking shape

The piers have been removed and the the excess dirt/sand is being removed and dug out to create a lower level floor. You can see the chipboard holding the rest of the dirt from further underneath the house.

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