Monday, January 3, 2011

Renovations Part 3

So the slab has gone down and the pool is being dug, it's all moving along nicely, but alas will not be ready for christmas as we had hoped. The bathroom is also taking shape, with plumbing in place on the floor.
The chipboard support has been replaced with concrete retaining walls and the frame work for the wall are up.
It was so exciting to watch the slab being layed. I really had no idea how they would do it.
Here is how:-
A huge truck that contained a pump attached itself to a smaller cement truck that then fed the cement into a tube that ran the 36 feet or so down the side of our house and through a window into the proposed bedroom, they pumped the cement with lots of yelling and whistling, directing the speed. They then smoothed each section as it went down. The whole process was a success, which had our builder yahooing with joy.

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