Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fashion Weekend

My daughter and I attended Fashion Weekend 12/5/12 at the Royal Hall of Industries - Moore Park.

What an array of designers, it was quite overwhelming and very packed. There were all your fashionista's there strutting their stuff, and some very tragic fashion being worn. But each to his own.
We decided to do the quick scan, up and down the aisles to see which boutiques were there and what was available.

There were some awesome bargains - with Wayne Cooper dress's going for as little as $50.
Shoes reduced from $500 to $200

Once we saw the Camilla stand we stopped and had to go over and dig our way through the racks (we are both big fans of Camilla). We both tried on several of her tops/kaftans and purchased 3 that we could share with each other.

During our scan period we had passed a stall that sold leather/suede products - the feel of the handmade leather jackets was so buttery soft and the suede designs were unique. The designer (Wendy Murray) had previously said that she wanted me to try on one of her poncho's and I promised her that I would return to do so.

I always keep my promises but this time I wish I had not.  We returned to her stall and I tried on various pieces finally and whimsically deciding on the Long cut out/ off the shoulder suede poncho to purchase at $390. Because it was so different and a style I had not seen anywhere else I was, at the time, very happy with my purchase.

The designer pulled new stock from a container telling me that I did not want what was hanging up as people had already tried them on and she would give me a brand new one still in packaging.

Once home, my daughter and I tried on our purchases, only for me to notice a mark on the front of the poncho ( a very noticeable mark I may add) I immediately rang the designer (she had given me her business card) to let her know of the damaged stock she had given me.

She returned my call and offered that I return on the Sunday and she would exchange, but Sunday was Mothers day and we already had plans to visit my mother who had been unwell.

I rang her on the Monday and asked if there was any other way I could exchange, I was more then happy to meet her after work, she was a bit scattered on the phone telling me she was busy preparing for a Skype meeting and would call me back when done.
I never heard from her. So I called her again and she said that she would be at a pop up shop at the Rocks that week on the Thursday/Friday. I explained that I work and was unable to come into the city. She then offered to post a new one to me and took my details saying she would text me the tracking number.

I waited the week, after receiving nothing, and then contacted her by email - only for her to tell she had been too busy and was moving and would send me one the following week. And so I waited....nothing.......

I then emailed her again  I asked if she could send a 2 way courier to my office to facilitate the exchange.
And with no response from her, I now gather that she saw me not as a valuable customer but someone she could fob off her damaged stock on. Pity because I would of spent a lot more money with her and we all know the power of Word of Mouth. I would of sung her praises every time someone commented on the Poncho, bringing her more business....but now if I do end up wearing it one day...I will only be relating the negative side of the whole experience with Wendy Murray Designs.

It leaves me wondering where is the customer service these days....and what if I had said I worked for Vogue Magazine....would my outcome be different....????

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