Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sleepwear for Menopause Night sweats

I have found the perfect solution to Menopause night sweats in the form of Pyjama's that keep you cool, dry and are so comfy. 
Most nights I toss and turn doing the night sweat dance of covers on, covers off, legs out, legs in. One minute my skin is on fire the next I am cold. That was until I started wearing Cool-Jams.

Cool-Jams wicking sleepwear is the product, and it is amazing. The first time I used them (I have the nightshirt) I could not believe how soft and silky the fabric felt against my skin.  That night I truly had the best night sleep I have had in a long time. I did not wake at all during the night and did not perform my usual night sweat dance.

So how do these work? Well, there is a science and leading technology behind the fabric of Cool-Jams.

Cool-Jams provides the best sleepwear possible, they have scientifically engineered special features in the fabric to include high moisture absorption, high thermal absorptions and quick dry technology. By doing so they have created the most innovative and versatile performance sleepwear collection on the planet. Cool-Jams wicking sleepwear is always a great choice for warm climates, body temperature regulation issues like night sweats and especially travel.

Cool-jams fabric was developed initially for the Canadian armed forces. The military had requested development of a fabric that would look and feel like cotton but had other characteristics to include wicking ability, temperature regulation, quick drying ability, Anti Microbial longevity and effectiveness, Anti-pilling, washability and wearability. Our proprietary sleepwear fabric is only available in Cool-jams Sleepwear making Cool-jams the most innovative and advanced performance sleepwear collection available anywhere.

You can read more here about what sets Cool-Jams apart from other sleepwear.

You will never have to suffer those uncomfortable night sweats again - and they have a whole range of styles to suit everyone.

Stay tuned to the blog as we will be announcing a competition for you to WIN a pair of these awesome pyjama's - Cool -Jams.

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